Saturday, 13 January 2007

New Tatting List

Well life got busy at the year-end with the announcement of the closure of e-tatters on Yahoo at the end of January :-(
Kersti’s Forum will continue

It is a case of “one door closes - another opens”

The outcome being that I started a new tatting list on Yahoo. After much procrastinating to find a name that would have no association to currant groups, guilds, individuals or publications. I finally came up with "Here-Be-Tatters"
Officially opened 1st January 2007

New beginnings for the New Year :-) An International gathering to further the Art of Tatting!

It’s been a steep learning curve setting it up being somewhat techno challenged but it is up and running with an amazing growth of membership (249 as I write this!) a wealth of expertise with many old and new friends.
We welcome levels from wannabes to old hands.
Be they needle or shuttle tatters...

Once life chills some... ...
Until then – please watch this space